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A healthy horse starts with good nutrition

Equine nutrition Equine nutrition Equine nutrition

Your Horse's Health Begins with Good Nutrition

Don't be overwhelmed by all the available horse feed out there! Leidall Veterinary Services Inc will help you decide what you really need.


We don't sell feed, and we do not push any products. Our job is to help you start with good hay, forage, and grass, and then determine what kinds of supplementary vitamins and other nutrition is necessary.

Maintain your horse's healthy weight

Horses are no strangers to weight problems, and it has become one of the biggest issues in the equine world. Dr. Leidall will help you determine whether your animal has contributing metabolic problems, and she will help you keep your horse's weight under control.

Complete nutritional advice and monitoring

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Specialty care

  • Health issue monitoring

  • Pregnancy calorie monitoring

Horse health and nutrition are linked

If nutritional issues have led to health problems, Leidall Veterinary Services Inc can help you treat them. Dr. Leidall is a specialist in equine care.


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