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A healthy horse starts with good nutrition

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Reliable and Experienced Equine Care

Phyllis A. Leidall, DVM, was born and raised on the family farm and grew up with horses. She continues to own horses and has great respect for them. She knows they are unique in the animal world and that there are multiple ways of caring for them depending on issues such as big pasture care vs. stall care and more. Get her experience on your side!

Wellness Healthcare Services:


Nutritional Consultation

  • Medical exams

  • Vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Dental Exams

Equine nutrition

Maintain your horse's healthy weight

Horses are no strangers to weight problems, and it has become one of the biggest issues in the equine world. Dr. Leidall will help you determine whether your animal has contributing metabolic problems, and she will help you keep your horse's weight under control.

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Specialty care – senior horses

  • Health issue monitoring

Dental Care


Minor Surgical Procedures

Reproductive Services

  • Routine dental examinations

  • Hand floating

Lameness Evaluation

Radiographic procedure

  • Laceration repair

  • Routine surgical procedures

  • Ultrasound evaluations

  • Artificial insemination (cool semen)