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A healthy horse starts with good nutrition

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Animal health

Horse health and medicine is our specialty at Leidall Veterinary Services Inc. For nearly 30 years we've lived in the Rochester area and know the local issues and threats.

Reasonable Veterinary Prices

Whether you need care for your horse or a family pet, you'll find prices you can afford and an accommodating schedule with Phyllis A. Leidall, DVM.

Service in the Office or in Your Home

If getting your horse or pet to our office is a problem, ask about our mobile service! Call 507-696-6557 to make in-home arrangements.

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Greetings to You From Dr. Phyllis Leidall

I am committed to providing quality and affordable veterinary health care services for your companion animals, large and small. I have been providing veterinary care to many different pets and livestock over the past 30 years.  

My personal preference in the animal world is the equidae, thus I find myself very interested and drawn to their care in my practice of veterinary medicine and surgery. The cats and dogs are a very close second and I enjoy working with them as well.  

I would like to provide you, as the owner, with personable basic health care needs along with routine diagnostic procedures. I rely on specialty veterinary care clinics and hospitals for extensive medical needs.